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The Christmas Beat

By Bud Lemire

Christmas time was coming, thought little Tommy Plummer
All he thought about, was he'd like to be a drummer
Just like his idol, Ringo, whom one day he'd meet
Because this little boy, certainly had the beat
Every year that rolled around
Christmas day brought no sound
How was he to be a drummer without a drum
It's like being a hummer without a hum

His parents he knew, he could make them proud
They kept saying, a drum would be too loud
It had to be loud, that's what made it a drum
If it was a guitar, then it would be strum
Playing his favorite drum music, nothing did change
What's wrong with them, his parents sure are strange
He had to get through to them, make them see
Of the great drummer, with practice, he could be

He prayed every night, that he'd soon get his drum
Then before going to sleep, he'd spit out his gum
His thoughts always took him, to the greatest Star of all
“Ringo, Oh Ringo, I wish I could call”
The Delivery truck arrived, a big box was here
A packaged never ordered, his parents were in fear
Inside, was a very large drum
Off in the distance, there was a hum
It was already opened, they let him try it out
They knew he sounded great, there wasn't any doubt

A big car drove up, they recognized his face
It was Ringo, and the drum came to the wrong place
He heard Tommy play, and knew he had the beat
Ringo smiled, and then took a seat
He did take his drum, but the very next year
A drum in a large box, brought Christmas cheer
Tommy went on to be a hit with his drum
He started a band, and the beat had a strum

©Dec 19, 2019 Bud Lemire

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