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On The Threshold

By Bud Lemire

He was waiting, on the threshold of Heaven's Door
A place, that would take him to a distant shore
What lay on the other side, only God really knows
Soon he'll find out, and he'll have many hellos

Looking back on his life, it was like a song
It wasn't a short one, and it lasted quite long
He made his share of mistakes along the way
Yet he learned even more from every day

He did his best, made a living all his own
Sharing his love with his family, made it his home
Somehow things went wrong, his wife wanted out
For awhile there, it left him with some doubt

The sun would shine again, and this was to be true
He'd experience the feelings, of love anew
This love lasted a lifetime, and felt right
He beheld an amazing feeling, within the light

It was Magical, Spiritually it was known
This love he lived with, was deeply shown
He had no regrets, as he looked back
Only his final days, after the heart attack
But soon, he'd be on the other side of that door
The love that he knew, would be with him once more

©Dec 8, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

The trials of love and life give us the experience we need
to value everything we go through. Many times we don't
understand them at the time. Many times it takes us our
entire lifetime to understand it all. Sometimes we never
understand until we are spirits gliding in the Heavenly
World. Then we look back and smile, and understand
that we needed each moment of love, to become the being
we were meant to be.

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