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By Mary E. Adair

February 2020

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." --Charles M. Schulz.

Is there a lovelier reason to indulge one's love of chocolate than receiving a gorgeous heart shaped box of decadent chocolates! Your editor's mother's favorite color was chartreuse and so Daddy had a standing order with a local merchant to order a huge satin covered box of luscious maple cream filled and nut filled candy. Being color blind himself he had no idea what a shocking color that was for Valentine candy!

Mattie Lennon updates us on the Irish poet/author Pat Ingoldsby- and discloses the future Dolly Parton look alike contest (particulars later) in "Irish Eyes." Judith Kroll ("OnTrek") brings her "Finding Self" essay to us this month.

The Genealogist among us (Melinda Cohenour in "Armchair Genealogy") continues delving into the past with part two on Pierre Cresson, “Le Jardiniere” a 7th Great Grandfather in her tree. But husband Rod Cohenour ("Cooking with Rod") gets fancy with Puerco Rodrigo, Cilantro Lime Rice,and Queso, etc.

Thomas F. O'Neill --"Introspective," and his students in China have interesting discussions which gives him a chance to offer his philosophy of life which is altruism and tolerance. Marilyn Carnell -- "Sifoddling Along," entertains us with examples and her definition of her own bilingual ability: Hillbilly.

John I. Blair's poem is titled "My Dreams." "Punxsutawney Phil" was written awhile back by Mona Wanlass but is perfect for this month and appears as an Encore Presentation. Bud Lemire shares two poems "I Received A Call" and "Accept Him." "Lighten The Load" by yours truly plus "His Way Is Best" and "The Old Year Dieth Soon" by Linnie Jane Joslin Burks. "Trying Too Hard," and "If I Was Afraid" are the two poems from Bruce Clifford.

The poem "Love is God's Gift" is very special to your editor since it was composed by her 15 year old mother on Valentine's Day, 1934, following a proposal of marriage from her husband to be John (Jack) Edward Carroll. She, Lena May Joslin Carroll, and he were wed June 10, 1934, after her 16th birthday in May that year. The wonderful photo from that day is shown with her poem.

Happy Valentine's Day, Michael Craner, dear co-founder and webmaster, the key to our well being, our equilibrium, our dreams. Thanks again, Mike! And don't make yourself sick on that candy!

See you in March!

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