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Accept Him

By Bud Lemire

“You see me as lazy, but what you don't see”
“I'm Mentally Challenged, it's all that I can be”
“I may not follow, exactly what you do”
“Yet there are things about me, that you never knew”

“I have a big heart, that is pure and true”
“I keep company, in the way that I do”
“I lend an ear, and I listen with my soul”
“The friends that I visit, they always seem to know”

He's an Angel, disguised so that you
Can open up your eyes, to see what is true
The residents see it in him, every day he's there
Why can't you see it, don't be so unfair

He does what he does, in the only way he can
It's not hard to understand, he's a simple man
Accept him, he is not you nor me
Acknowledge him, for his way holds the key

“I know exactly how you feel towards me”
“That is why I wish, you would just let me be”
“I love this job, these residents love me too”
“You need understanding, because you haven't a clue”

Why are you always at odds, and to him you say
“Do what we're doing, because it's the only way”
He's not lazy, but there are things you need to know
Why do you feel this way, no need of stones to throw

©Jan 6, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I've seen him embraced by many people thanking him for his
companionship. I've seen him put smile on people's faces where
there was none before. I've seen him make people laugh. What's
really funny is, we at the Harbor Tower know and love this man.
One thing you may not have known is, ever since I moved into
the Harbor Tower, he's been a friend of mine.

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