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I Received A Call

By Bud Lemire

I got a call from Detroit, why such a place
Places can not talk, they don't have a face
Some time ago, New Jersey called me too
Cleveland called me also, which is nothing new

When I received a call from Escanaba, I thought, “I'm already here”
These places that keep calling, I find it might queer
California called me, but I had nothing to say
They never leave a message, I guess it's just their way

What can you say, of a phone call from some place
They can not talk, because they have no face
A place is a “Where,” I want to talk to a “Who”
Yet still these places call, and I'm not sure what to do

Places I never heard of, keep on calling me
I wouldn't know what to say, to a place I couldn't see
Never been there, don't know anything at all
Stay where you are, no reason for you to call

If I got a call from Jupiter, now that's a far out place
Mars or even Venus, or elsewhere in outer space
I prefer a person, to be on the other end
Not New York or Florida, they are not a friend

©Dec 18, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

It always shows up on my phone as a place. But
when a person's name shows up, then it is much better. I know
they are just scams, and cowards, for they don't like
leaving me any messages. Friends will take time to leave
me messages on my Answering machine.

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