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From Album To CD

By Bud Lemire

I grew up in a world, playing albums on a turntable
Some songs were better than others, now if only I were able...
To put the songs in, an orderly sort of way
Then I'd be playing, my favorites all day

Time has a way, of bringing about a change
Now we have CDs, now we can arrange
Ripping and burning, all our favorite songs
In a certain order, right where it belongs

We can take the best, and put it on a CD
That's the way, I always thought it should be
Song by song, the very best
Listen to it, while you rest

Make it the way, you want it to play
In your favorite order, on every day
Make it a variety, or one artist to hear
Created especially, to enjoy with your ear

Music to wake you up, or help you to sleep
Right by the bedside, which you always keep
I have a large selection, that I can choose
When it's my choice, I know I can't lose

JFeb 20, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

On albums there were always songs on the album I
would love to skip over. I would play the singles and
turn them over and play the other side. I always thought
that they should have some way to be able to put it in the
order of the songs you love best. We were able to do that
with the 8 Tracks and Cassettes. Then CDs came along,
followed by MP3 Players (& iTunes). Now we can put them
in any order we want. We get to do it the way we like it best.
I love it!


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