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By Bud Lemire

Phlegmboyant, yes it's true, I have too much phlegm
The goobly gook is in me, and it's no gem
I cough and cough, all I can do is cough
I'm afraid I might, just cough my head off

I cough at times, and then I can't stop
I like to be in control of m body, not doing a flip flop
My appetite is gone, I can hardly eat
No fish on Friday, I'm not as steady on my feet

Weak and tired, I just want to rest and sleep
I end up counting my coughs, instead of sheep
I woke up coughing, and tried to clear my head
I make it to the kitchen, at least I'm not dead

A drink of Ginger Ale, clears the passage way
It hits the spot, on almost any given day
I get my mind off myself, maybe a Facebook chat
Try to get a feel, to see where my body's at

I think today, I'll try some scrambled eggs
Hoping a little food, will put strength in my legs
Oh, it's no fun, when you feel so sick
I'm going to try to get better, I hope it happens quick

©Nov 22, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Of course I know everything takes time. All I can do
is to do my best to get better. Rest often, drink plenty
of fluids, eat when I can. It truly makes you realize
just how vulnerable we humans are to so many things
that are out there.


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