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Mind Your Own Business

By Bud Lemire

Mind your own business, is what I say
Whatever they're doing, for them it's okay
As long as you are doing right, by what you know
That's all that matters, just let it go

You say they're just sitting there?
I'm sure the bosses are well aware
Leave it to them, leave it alone
It does no good, to complain and moan

You know your job, so do it and see
Let things pass by, just let it be
The business at hand, is yours to do
Don't worry about them, just think of you

Keep your nose away, from where it doesn't belong
You're wasting your time on someone, and that is so wrong
Do the thing, that you were put here for
Keep your mind, on your own front door

You just can't seem to understand, but you seem pretty smart
Some people are different, yet they have a big part
All have their own part to play, in the scheme of things
The people here know, all the happiness that he brings

©May 25, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

By putting your nose in someone else's business, you are taking
away a part of yourself. Let them do what they are doing, for that
is their way. The bosses are aware and have accepted him. Why
can't you? The mind is a very complex structure, and his mind works
on a different level than yours. Not accepting someone who is different
than you, is a form of prejudice. Everyone can't be like you. It is what
makes us individuals. So please, accept him, and mind your own business.


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