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By Mary E. Adair

April 2020

"Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers.
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul."

-– Luther Burbank.

Easter is the hopeful thought and celebration of Life in the midst of all the unsettling news concerning the Coronavirus. Our authors have approached each subject, both seriously and with a hint of humor. All in all, this issue hits the mark with both information and alternative methods to lift one's heart and soul.

Delighted is definitely the word describing your editor's feelings when LC Van Savage popped in with new content for her long standing column "Consider This." Although she has been busy elsewhere, getting her latest novel introduced ("Queenie") and setting up her new domain, her name dot com (of course), she is also hosting a radio show, AMAZING MAINERS, on WJTO 730 & 105.3 – The Memories Station. She seeks out people who were born there, or live there and they talk about what they do, why they do it and if they’re happy doing it. She asks, "Are you an AMAZING MAINER? Let me know."

"Armchair Genealogy" by Melinda Cohenour, takes on some pressing matters with the desire that when handled, everyone's genealogy will be properly documented despite current travel restrictions.

Thomas F. O'Neill --"Introspective," gives a link in his column for an interview which can be seen on UTube about how the quarantine due to the Coronavirus in China has affected him and his students. Marilyn Carnell -- "Sifoddling Along," lets us see what she has found to occupy her time and of course involes helping others. She manages to find humor in her tasks.

Judith Kroll ("OnTrek") has a lovely essay, "Today I Dusted off My Soul," in her column "On Trek." Mattie Lennon in "Irish Eyes" suffers a different type loss: the cancellation of the famous Listowel Writer's Week due to Ireland's "Total Lockdown." His ebullient sense of fun still pops into his column here and there.

Rod Cohenour ("Cooking with Rod") joins wife Melinda and as a team they developed their Southwest Poblano Brisket which he shares just in time for Easter. This will be a memorable meal.

Nice additions to the table of contents for April are the three articles: "Safeguards Against COVID-19" by Bud Lemire whose occupation is caring for patients who are housebound and otherwise incapacitated. He is not involved caring for anyone with the virus thus far but as a trained Senior Companion has to be current on warning signs.

Easter season prompted us to have an Encore Presentation by the late Leo C. Helmer whose historical knowledge was seemingly boundless. Here we offer his "Easter Commentary" which has info on into 2024.

When John Blair learned we were seeking Easter themed material, he came up with a wonderful reminisence about Camargo, Oklahoma, and his youth. The photos shared from that era are keepers.

Blair also has one poem for "Easter 2020" and two others: "First Butterfly," and "Coronavirus 2020." Bruce Clifford's single poem for April is "Lost." Your editor has one poem for this issue, "Wishing."

Bud Lemire's poems this month are: "Social Distancing," "That Damn Virus," and "Toilet Paper," and "The COVID-19 Pandemic." He includes a pic with some of his poems. "My Nineteenth Birthday" is from your editor's very first cousin Alice Anne Burks whose passing in February is mourned by all the family.

Thanks again, Mike! I can never express how grateful I am for your expertise as well as your friendship and support in this endeavor. May the tough times treat you tenderly and you and your loved ones stay safe. That is my wish for all our associates in this eZine and their loved ones.

See you in May.

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