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By Mary E. Adair

Wishing not only to be a simple Sage,
But one whose words fly from the page
And into the hearts of the whole of humanity
To abjure them to cleanse their abject vanity
And be instead beacons for their fellow man
To encourage, to bless, to assist in the plan
That will focus on bringing us all together
With smiles and laughter no matter the weather.

To be who can reach out and teach each heart
Enabling strengths needed for all to do their part
Toward a peaceful and uncomplicated strategy
To avert what is propelling us into tragedy
To lift and comfort and bountifully bless
Those souls now bearing a ton of stress
To dissolve tensions and aches and pain
And see smiling faces out and about again

To offer the key that unlocks the vault
Holding the measures needed to end the assault
That has swept across lands and every sea
To threaten the existence of you and of me
To bolster endurance, ingenuity and a plan
For what will cleanse and heal our land
Combining good intentions whatever the source
Melding them together into the right course
That leads us to victory and an ultimate way forth--
Those would be words that could prove their worth!

©March 26, 2020 Mary E. Adair

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