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Toilet Paper

By Bud Lemire

I looked everywhere, I looked all around
There wasn't any Toilet Paper to be found
I guess I could use kleenix, or paper towels
I need something, when I let loose my bowels

All the stores emptied out, and when that was done
I realized, that they were the uninformed one
Diarrhea was not one of the symptoms listed there
Stupid people really need to understand and be aware

You made it hard for others, who needed it more
Those who were desperate to find it at the store
Some stores limited it, to one person to buy
Hoarding something, do you even know why?

People still have to be around others, it's true
This virus will be circulating, no matter what you do
Can you really stop others, from seeing their family
Forever? It really sounds pretty stupid to me

I understand if your immune system is low or none
Then your life is at risk, and under the gun
Then you live your life in a plastic bubble, if that's the case
Because you are able to get it from anyone, in the human race

So what you really did, was not thinking at all
Greedy is what you were, and that's pretty small
Why panic, when you do, it makes for a small brain
When calm, when aware, then the Toilet Paper will remain

©JMar 14, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I laugh at those who know no better. It's a virus, not the end
of the world. And if it was, what would toilet paper be good for?
My heart goes out to those who have no immune system, because
any virus is dangerous to them. The wise person follows simple
procedures, take care of yourself, wash your hands often, see your
Doctor regularly. When you use your head, you won't need so much
Toilet paper. Unless your brain is leaking. That might be a problem.


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