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That Damn Virus

By Bud Lemire

Don't want that virus, no way, no how
Whether it came from an Anteater or a Cow
Don't know why it started, just want it to end
Because that damn virus, surely ain't my friend
Don't know why it started like that
All I know is, it's a dirty rat
A killer that will leave everyone dead
Away from everyone, is where it should be lead

They said it came, from another place
If it's not stopped, it might wipe out the human race
I hope it is studied well, so soon we will all know
So we can understand it better, how to make it go
It's scary, when your life is on the line
When all you wanted, was to feel fine
How can a virus can be caught, when we don't understand
What the heck it is, that is spreading across the land

I hope all the Medical staff, can find a cure really fast
Or there will many of us, who will never last
Hope we can contain it, so it won't spread
Because I don't want to wind up dead
Put me in a plastic bubble, safe as I can be
A virus is on the loose, and it is after me
Nobody asked for this, and yet it is there
I wonder if you can catch it, by touch or by air

How quick can this virus spread
From China to the USA, we're dead
Can anyone stop it, hurry please!
Will I be safe, hiding behind trees
Don't want Corona, the virus or the beer
It better not come around here
Don't need another virus that will kill
That damn virus, don't want to be ill

©JMar 1, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Those of us with a weak immune system are
more at risk. The medical staff is working
on it, and will let us know when they find
something that will help against it.


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