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Safety In The Stores

By Bud Lemire

Plexiglass and Rubber Gloves, to protect you and themselves
And the toilet paper, is still fast leaving the shelves
It's not from hoarding now, it's from everyone buying at the same time
Because these days, hoarding anything is a crime

Public bathrooms, are closed off to every woman and man
And you can't return any bottle, and you can't return any can
Hands off! Don't touch your face!
When in the stores, set yourself a pace

Get in, get your stuff as quickly as you can, and get out
Social Distancing and staying at home, is what it's all about
Don't browse, have a list ready on hand
Waiting for a ride, you might just have to stand

Wash your hands thoroughly, when you get home
Live your life, as if you're under a dome
Don't go out, unless you're really in need
Medicines, essentials, or a mouth to feed

Keep your distance from others, make it six feet
With everyone you come across, everyone you meet
And as you walk down the aisle
It helps to have a friendly smile

©March 31, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I know in these hard times, it is hard to smile.
Especially when we live in fear for our lives.
But it helps those who see you passing by, and
inside it helps you as well. Especially if they
smile back. Even though you have to keep your
distance, a smile travels past the barrier and
lightens their weary hearts. Be safe, and smile.


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