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World Gone Mad

By Bud Lemire

I don't respect anyone who loots
Nor anyone who kills and shoots
People want to have the power
I am cheering for the flower

Why all the violence here
So much ignorance I fear
When did the people become
So filled with rage and so dumb

So selfish, inconsiderate of others
What does that say of your Mothers
Didn't they teach you better than that
Put away that knife and bat

Riots getting out of hand
All across this great land
I do believe it is a virus there
But not COVID, so please beware

It's making people mad with rage
When they should be in a cage
Peace is what we need on this day
Because what they do, is not Okay

©May 31, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

What's going on this world needs to be contained.
It would help if these people who were looting and
killing, had some common sense. But I fear common
sense was lost awhile back, and not sure if they will
ever find it again. While I sit inside my plastic bubble
hearing all about the riots and looting, and wondering
what's become of the world I love.


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