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Behind The Walls

By Bud Lemire

Behind the walls, is someone you may know
Behind the door, is such a lonely soul
Now more alone, than ever before
Inside the walls, her fear is even more

“Leave me alone COVID19, you don't need me for a snack”
“I'd prefer to go quickly, from a heart attack”
“I don't need to suffer, with what you want to give”
“Because what you offer, is no way to live”
“Go back to where you started, leave me alone”
“Just disappear, or turn into a stone”
“My life was good, before you came along”
“Now it feels, that everything seems wrong”

“It's all your fault,yes, you are to blame”
“Killing off the humans, is your only aim”
“You don't belong in this world, killing is a crime”
“Leave me alone, because I don't have much time”
“I don't have the strength, to put up a fight”
“It's not fair for you to pick on me, it's just not right”
“Behind the door, I am a lonely soul”
“Behind these walls, I'm someone you might know”

©April 28, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I think about those much older, and are going through
so much more than what us normal people do. If we
are scared, just think about how they are feeling about
it all. Give them a call, or stop by and see if they need
anything. They need more support than ever, in these
COVID19 daze.


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