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A Seagull's Flight

By Bud Lemire

Gazing out my window in the morning light
I came across a view of a seagull’s flight
He flew in a circle and then up so high
With graceful ease did this gull fly

Oh to have those wings to fly anywhere
With wings so beautiful, taken to air
“It must be great to be a bird”
Is what was said as I overheard

How would we know, never being one
To gaze in wonder, in the morning sun
To see below from a flight so high
They must have good vision in their eye

Then from above so high, they take a dive
To the water and catch a fish that’s still alive
They must see the fish while they are in flight
And quickly they dive to grab a bite

Amazing are the creatures that we live among
We hear their stories in the songs that are sung
The Seagull with those wings to fly anywhere
And my imagination so that I can be there.

©March 27, 2010 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Thank you, God, for the birds and countless other animals, for they are truly wondrous creatures that live among us.


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