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New Awareness

By Bud Lemire

A new awareness, has opened up to us
For some, wearing a mask is a Must
Several won't wear one, that's what they chose
Only the future will answer, where everyone goes

A worldwide virus, it's caution we need
Someone who understands, must take the lead
Truth is the key, letting everyone know
To deal with this virus, and conquer this foe

Let's not fight each other, or argue on who's right
Let's work together from daylight, until night
Not only our country, but the whole world as one
We're all in this together, until this is all done

As things return to near normal, let's try to be
Cautious, not stupid, for that is the key
Keep a safe distance away, if you don't wear a mask
A matter of life and death, should be your main task

You're protecting yourself, and others as well
Even if you think, you're going through hell
It's not easy, following a new way
Doing the smart thing, makes a better day

©June 5, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

We have people who choose to wear the mask. Those
who choose not to. Those who believe there is a virus.
Those who believe it is just a governmental hoax. Some
who believe we need to strengthen our immune system.
All I know is, around people, especially lots of people,
I will wear a mask. I don't enjoy wearing one. Yet I know
I value my life. Best to be cautious, if you value your life.
As things get closer to normal again, use your judgement
wisely. Your life depends on it.


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