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Perception Of The Soul

By Bud Lemire

As I get older, the way I see things change
The way I once saw them, seem kind of strange
I know it's my perception, and who I am today
When I was younger, I saw them a different way

Things that I valued, through the many years
Can be gotten rid of, without causing any tears
I also realize, how short life can be
You can always look, but you can't always see

Take a closer look, see it with your soul
Understand what's there, let it make you whole
You live your life, and you need to make a living
With your soul, you share what you are giving

It's how I feel, with nature all around
That's why the Island, is a place I'm usually found
Birds singing in the trees, boats going by
The beauty in each day, is the reason why

It use to be, my younger self's way of seeing
As an older man, I've learned how it is just being
I see things this way, now it is all that I know
It must be that I'm seeing, through the Perception Of The Soul

©August 13, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

It's life that changes us. Life is changing all around us.
As we grow older we see things differently. Example: You
can read a book 40 years ago, and read it again today, and
see it in a totally different way. Yet, it is the same book. Or
you might not even want to read that book, because it doesn't
interest you. You may be reading something totally different,
that you never thought you'd ever read. Life is full of changes.
The life around us changes, we change, and people we know change.
In return, through these changes, our perceptions change as well.


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