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Without My Cell Phone

By Walt Perryman

If I lose my cell phone, how would I know,
Where I have been, or I am supposed to go.

I could not call anyone that Iíve ever known,
I donít know any numbers on my cell phone.

I would not know the time or date,
If I had an appointment, Iíll be late.

Check the stock market and how much I lost,
Check my phone bill and how much it cost.

I could not check my messages like I do,
Or check e-mail to see if thereís any new.

I could not Google and try to find,
Whatever happens to be on my mind.

Can I find my destination without my GPS?
No, I will just drive around blind and guess.

My cell phone has become an affliction,
Because, I have a bad cell phone addiction.

Because, I feel abandoned and all alone,
Anytime that I cannot access my cell phone.

©October 2020 Walt Perryman

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