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Walt Perryman

I was Born in Pecos in 1944, grew up in Grandfalls, spent 26 years with Aramco in Saudi Araibia. Retired and live in Fredericksburg, Texas, out close to Luckenbach. I put some of my poems on Facebook after writing them in the mornings. Below is my life story in 8 seconds:

    I grew up in the West Texas oilfield, then spent 26 years in Saudi Arabia , came back with a wheel barrow full of money, got in the Stock Market, got a divorce, and I still have the wheel barrow.


Type Month Year Title
Poem October 2020 Worry
Poem October 2020 West Texas
Poem October 2020 Without My Cell Phone
Poem November 2020 True Morning Thought
Poem November 2020 American
Poem November 2020 Re-run Aprons
Poem December 2020 Points to Ponder on Monday Morning
Poem January2021 2020 A West Texas Tumbleweed Christmas
Poem January2021 2020 About New Year's Eve
Poem January2021 2020 Christmas Eve
Poem February 2021 2021 God Gave People
Poem February 2021 2021 Driving Miss Daisy
Poem February 2021 2021 My Cowboy Hat
Poem March 2021 Medical Advice from Walt
Poem March 2021 Passwords
Poem March 2021 Why Do Grown-ups Cry
Poem March 2021 My Birthday
Poem April 2021 Sometimes I Wonder
Poem April 2021 Your Choice
Poem April 2021 Morning Thought on Gods Communication
Poem May 2021 The Old Headquarters
Poem May 2021 Judging People
Poem May 2021 Letter to My Mother
Poem June 2021 Retirement
Poem June 2021 Major and Minor Worries
Poem June 2021 Rambling on This Fine Morning
Poem July 2021 On My Mind
Poem July 2021 A Brand New Day
Poem July 2021 Cyber Space
Poem August 2021 Marley
Poem August 2021 Not Just Cowboys
Poem August 2021 More Thought about Clotheslines
Poem September 2021 Luckenbach
Poem September 2021 Hospice Nurses
Poem September 2021 No Longer Crying
Poem September 2021 Just Rambling Thoughts
Poem October 2021 A Woman's Hands
Poem October 2021 Rambling On about God, You, and Me
Poem October 2021 Tom Murray
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