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Walt Perryman

I was Born in Pecos in 1944, grew up in Grandfalls, spent 26 years with Aramco in Saudi Araibia. Retired and live in Fredericksburg, Texas, out close to Luckenbach. I put some of my poems on Facebook after writing them in the mornings. Below is my life story in 8 seconds:

    ďI grew up in the West Texas oilfield, then spent 26 years in Saudi Arabia , came back with a wheel barrow full of money, got in the Stock Market, got a divorce, and I still have the wheel barrow. ď


Type Month Year Title
Poem October 2020 Worry
Poem October 2020 West Texas
Poem October 2020 Without My Cell Phone
Poem November 2020 True Morning Thought
Poem November 2020 American
Poem November 2020 Re-run Aprons
Poem December 2020 Points to Ponder on Monday Morning
Poem January2021 2020 A West Texas Tumbleweed Christmas
Poem January2021 2020 About New Year's Eve
Poem January2021 2020 Christmas Eve
Poem February 2021 2021 God Gave People
Poem February 2021 2021 Driving Miss Daisy
Poem February 2021 2021 My Cowboy Hat
Poem March 2021 My Birthday
Poem March 2021 Medical Advice from Walt
Poem March 2021 Passwords
Poem March 2021 Why Do Grown-ups Cry
Poem April 2021 Sometimes I Wonder
Poem April 2021 Your Choice
Poem April 2021 Morning Thought on Godís Communication
Poem May 2021 Letter to My Mother
Poem May 2021 The Old Headquarters
Poem May 2021 Judging People
Poem June 2021 Rambling on This Fine Morning
Poem June 2021 Retirement
Poem June 2021 Major and Minor Worries
Poem July 2021 On My Mind
Poem July 2021 A Brand New Day
Poem July 2021 Cyber Space
Poem August 2021 Not Just Cowboys
Poem August 2021 More Thought about Clotheslines
Poem August 2021 Marley
Poem September 2021 No Longer Crying
Poem September 2021 Hospice Nurses
Poem September 2021 Luckenbach
Poem September 2021 Just Rambling Thoughts
Poem October 2021 Rambling On about God, You, and Me
Poem October 2021 Tom Murray
Poem October 2021 A Woman's Hands
Poem November 2021 Truth Or
Poem November 2021 Have A Good Day, Good or Bad
Poem November 2021 Rambling on about Aging
Poem December 2021 Recipe for Sleep
Poem December 2021 A West Texas Tumbleweed Christmas
Poem December 2021 Happiness More or Less
Poem December 2021 On My Mind
Poem January 2022 2021 Think You're Doing Good?
Poem January 2022 2021 Words
Poem January 2022 2021 The Trail of Life
Poem January 2022 2021 About New Year's Eve
Poem February 2022 What I Know and Don't
Poem February 2022 How to Wear Your Cowboy Hat!
Poem February 2022 Gauging Time
Poem March 2022 My Unfinished Baffling Morning Thought
Poem March 2022 Have You Ever?
Poem March 2022 My Little Grandfalls Church
Poem April 2022 Choices
Poem April 2022 Try A Little Bit More
Poem April 2022 Friday Morn Rambling
Poem May 2022 Be Happy
Poem May 2022 How I Prayed This Morning!
Poem May 2022 Never Forget
Poem May 2022 Rambling About A Little Bit More!
Poem June 2022 Today
Poem June 2022 Sleepy
Poem July 2022 Cancer Survivors
Poem July 2022 A Thought about Ducks
Poem July 2022 Rambling about God and A Tree
Poem August 2022 Check-off List
Poem August 2022 A Few Mysteries and Secrets of My Exciting Life
Poem August 2022 Time
Poem September 2022 Early Monday Thought
Poem September 2022 It Is Up To God
Poem September 2022 Recipe for Sleep
Story September 2022 Honey Dog Tales
Poem October 2022 The Past and Prizes
Poem October 2022 Good Morning, Texas
Poem October 2022 Luckenbach Ambiance
Poem October 2022 How to Love--a Re-done, Re-minder
Story October 2022 Honey Dog Tales - Two
Poem November 2022 My Hospital Stay
Poem November 2022 My High School Reunion
Poem November 2022 Hometown Memories
Poem November 2022 More Good News
Story November 2022 Honey Dog Tales - Three
Poem December 2022 My Three Daughters
Poem December 2022 Christmas Eve
Poem December 2022 A West Texas Tumblwweed Christmas
Story December 2022 Honey Dog Tales - Four
Poem January 2023 2022 Tomorrow's A New Year
Poem January 2023 2022 More Christmas Rambling
Poem January 2023 2022 About New Year's Eve
Story January 2023 2022 Honey Dog Tales 5
Poem February 2023 Self-communication
Poem February 2023 What I Take for Granted
Poem February 2023 Memories of Yesterday, Little House
Story February 2023 Honey Dog Tales - 6
Poem March 2023 Do You Worry
Poem March 2023 Horses and Life
Poem March 2023 Fireball
Story March 2023 Honey Dog Tales - 7
Poem April 2023 What God Can Do
Poem April 2023 Men VS Women
Poem April 2023 How to Stop Chasing Rabbits
Poem May 2023 Letter to My Mother
Poem May 2023 Another Sunrise is Fixing to Rise
Poem May 2023 Rant about Cell Phones
Poem June 2023 I Canít Forget Memories
Poem June 2023 My Simple Book of Life
Poem June 2023 We Can Stray or Stay
Poem July 2023 Itís All Relative
Poem July 2023 Wild Beast Safari
Poem July 2023 Invitation Thing
Poem July 2023 Happiness Ramble
Poem August 2023 Our Heroes
Poem August 2023 Choices
Poem August 2023 What is Rich?
Poem August 2023 Almost Bad Sins
Poem September 2023 A Warning (?)
Poem September 2023 Lies vs Truth
Poem September 2023 Have A Good Trip
Poem October 2023 Our Cell Phone Addiction
Poem October 2023 So far this is my morning . . .
Poem October 2023 Sunday Morning Sunrise
Poem November 2023 Man Pain VS Woman Pain
Poem November 2023 A Good Time to Pray
Poem December 2023 A Tumbleweed Christmas
Poem December 2023 A Sometimes Doubt
Poem January 2024 2023 One Day After Christmas
Poem January 2024 2023 About New Year's Eve
Poem February 2024 Happy Birthday to Laura, my Wife
Poem February 2024 Cancer Check-up!
Poem February 2024 Right or Wrong Ramble
Poem March 2024 Ducks in a Row
Poem March 2024 How Many of You Loved Your Old Truck?
Poem March 2024 Did You or Not?
Poem April 2024 Listen then Think, Before You Talk
Poem April 2024 Monday Morning Thought for You
Poem April 2024 Big Thought about Life's Little Things
Poem April 2024 Another Sunrise
Poem May-Jun 2024 Good Morning Cyber Space Friends
Poem May-Jun 2024 A Check-off List for Today
Poem May-Jun 2024 A Few Thoughts to Dwell On
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