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Luckenbach Ambiance

By Walt Perryman

I have been going to Luckenbach for 20 years,
I have met many people and drank many beers.

I donít drink as much beer here now, but I still go,
It is a special place to me, but why I do not know.

It is more than the music under the old live oaks,
And itís more than the beer and listening to jokes.

Luckenbach has an ambiance that I canít explain,
Iíve tried to describe it before, but it was in vain.

There is not much here but somehow less is more.
I know God is here, because he has told me before,

There is a lot of history here this is true,
And God was right here back then too.

We have Church every Sunday, but we have no steeple.
Our church is named, ĎBad Days Are for Other People.í

So, folks, God is everywhere that he needs to be,
And right now, right here, God is with you and me.

©August 2022 Walt Perryman

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