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Not Just Cowboys

By Walt Perryman

A good Cowboy will tip their hat to the ladies,
Love and take care of puppies and babies.

Open doors for the women coming through,
Then give each one a big howdy too!

Put their empty shopping cart up in the lot,
This may sound like nothing but its really not.

Put in a good days work for a good days pay,
Thank the good Lord for each and every day.

Set a good example so that everyone can see,
Because some have not seen how it should be.

You may be surprised who is watching you,
At least someone can see how they should do.

You dont have to be a cowboy to be a good man,
Just have to do the right thing whenever you can.

Actions speak louder than words this is very true,
So now ask yourself, Am I going to talk or do?

2021 Walt Perryman

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