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Rant about Cell Phones

By Walt Perryman

(I am rambling about cell phones.)

I have seen a party of five dining together, alone,
Because all five of them were on their cell phone!

There was no eye contact or any conversation.
Because the computer took all their consecration.

The five people dine together without speaking a word,
Our lives are being ruined by Satan the computer nerd.

I am also guilty of this etiquette and plain rude crime,
Because Iíve often used my phone at the wrong time.

Iíve been on my cell phone driving down I-10,
With no idea where I was or where I had been.

So, if you are guilty of this crime with your phone.
Unless you are talking to God, just leave it alone.

©Apr 22, 2023 Walt Perryman

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