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Horses and Life

By Walt Perryman

(Redone, rerun about horses and life.)

A horse can start bucking and throw you,
And, there’s times, life will throw you too!

It can really hurt anytime you get thrown,
But what hurts worse is not getting back on.

Whether you’re thrown off or just having bad luck,
You can either cowboy-up or go cry in the truck.

If you are riding a bronc or just living life today,
I reckon either can hurt you in a different way!

May your cinch never break while your horse is bucking.
If it doesn’t break just hang on and just keep on trucking.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been riding since you were born
If the cinch breaks while bucking let go of the saddle horn.

There will be times to choose to hang on or to let go,
God is the one to ask, anytime that you don’t know.

Today is a gift, so do your best to live it right,
If your ride gets rough, pray, and hold on tight.

©February 2023 Walt Perryman

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