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Hometown Memories

By Walt Perryman

Hometown memories do not just fade away,
Instead, I think they get stronger every day!!

I remember every building that is no longer there.,
And so many memories of people, when and where.

I knew everyone in every house and if their dog would bite.,
And long ago in the center of town there was one red light!

There were cotton fields south of town for a long way,
And Grandfalls had a couple of cotton gins back in the day.

Most of the farming stopped when the water went salty,
And the farming was replaced by oil discovered in Royalty.

I may not know many people in town, but what is scary,
I sure know a lot of them out there in the old cemetery!

I guess that no matter where I live or where I roam,
, I reckon that Grandfalls Texas, will always be my home.

2021 Walt Perryman

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