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Honey Dog Tales - 7

By Walt Perryman

Honey Dog Tales - Seven

By Honey Dog

To: All Canines on Earth.

Honey Dogs Last Farewell

Hello friends, A lot has happened since the last episode I wrote because I am writing this from Heaven. Yep, I got sick and had to come on up here. It is great up here.

First, I met a man by the name of St. Peter. He has a long beard just like some of the musicians in Luckenbach. He said I could wait here until my master dies and comes along.

Friends, they have real jerky up here, not that old “Taste like bacon imitation stuff I used to get”. Oh! I do miss him, but this is not a bad waiting place, there are a lot of dogs here waiting on their masters.

There are no dog fights, everyone just lives in harmony. The weather is perfect. There are no stickers or fleas, we run and play, then eat and sleep. Then, when a dog’s master comes through that Pearly Gate, there is a big reunion, they hug, and kiss then go off over a cloud to be together for eternity.

Oh! And I do not hurt anymore. It is great! I know my master misses me and I wish I could bark loud enough to tell him I am fine. But I think he really knows that. We Dogs do not live as long as some creatures, but we sure put our time in loving and pleasing our masters while we are there.

I miss Luckenbach, but this place is good, too. So, friends, love your masters all you can, and I will see you later up here. Arf! Arf!

©2021 Honey Dog
with Secretarial Assistant and Master Walt Perryman

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We Can Learn From Our Dogs.

We spend our life trying to love and be happy,
Dogs know how to do this as a little puppy.

A puppy love’s you right from the very start,
Then it loves you for life with all its heart.

Dogs can show love by wagging their tails
. Often, we do not show our love and it fails.

Dogs may not live for as long as me and you,
But they give more love in less time too.

We can learn a lot from our dogs about living,
Like unconditional love and a lifetime of giving

. Dogs may be dumb, but their love is so true,
I guess we are too smart to love like they do.

Had you rather be dumb with a happy heart
Or be unhappy because you are too smart?

A hug, a smile, and the words. “I love you”,
Might not be such a dumb thing to do!!

©2021 Walt Perryman

Honey was the dog of the Luckenbach poet and she left memoirs for canines.
May ‘Honey Dog’ RIP. (2021)

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