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What I Take for Granted

By Walt Perryman

I have taken so much for granted in my life every day,
Now I feel so helpless and sad when one goes away.

I once watched Sunrises and sunsets just for fun,
But the last few years I thank God for each one.

If I never knew what love is, how can I love?
Until I learned that true love comes from above.

As I age there is less and less, that I can do,
And the ones that I still can, I need Gods help too.

God is helping me to replace the bad with good,
Only God knows when I believe the way I should,

I will probably have physical pains until I my last day,
But I believe the pain will be less by living Godís way.

So, several times a day I need to take the time to pray,
And thank God for what I take for granted every day.

©2022 Walt Perryman

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