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No Longer Crying

By Walt Perryman

Folks, I did not write this to make anyone sad,
It is just an experience with death I have had.

I believe there is a ‘time’ when time stands still,
You may not understand but someday you will.

I have been with a few of my dying loved ones before,
When they told me they did not want to live anymore.

I believe there is a period between life and death,
When they talk to God and us after their last breath.

I believe they hear us when we don’t think they do.
This is when it is important to tell them, I love you.

You may not understand what I am trying to say,
But you will if you're with a loved one, passing away.

I believe in this time their life was beginning after dying.
And when they were smiling and were no longer crying.

©August24, 2021 Walt Perryman

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