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Cancer Survivors

By Walt Perryman

When I was first diagnosed, my first thought was, I am going to die.
So, I wrote this for all you cancer survivors, I think you will identify.

Sometimes with the grace of God and modern medicine, we live another day.
That is when we appreciate life in a more honest and positive way.

Once you have cancer, you look at life different than before,
And I believe it makes you appreciate everything a whole lot more.

Everyone knows that someday they will die; this is very true.
But sometimes being a cancer survivor can be a benefit to you.

It makes sunsets and sunrises more magnificent than you have ever seen.
And you appreciate every hour and every minute that comes in between.

So, if you have cancer, mount up and do what you have to do,
There are millions of cancer survivors, and you can be one too.

Modern medicine has really come a long way.
I thank God and modern medicine for each and every day.

2022 Walt Perryman

Author Note:

When I grew up it seemed that anyone that had cancer died.

But when I was working in Saudi Arabia in 1990,
my Bladder cancer was discovered!
After years of treating it, and everything I thought was good,
I went two years without going for my checkups.
Then when I did it had turned into stage three,
after a 10 hour operation and a couple more operations
I am still alive enjoying every moment without a bladder and prostate,
but I am more alive. Once you have a life threatening situation
but live over it you look at life differently.

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