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It Is Up To God

By Walt Perryman

I have been making tracks on this earth for over 78 years,
Iíve had many good times and I have cried many tears.

A few years ago, I married a Cajun, Laura is her name,
God gave us a true lasting love that always stays the same.

I have had my share of Cancers and Iíve been close to death,
But when I lost a daughter, it knocked the wind out of my breath.

I have always believed in God, but I never lived life like I should.
But for the last five years, Iíve attended church when I could.

My wife Laura is a true believer there is no doubt,
She has helped me learn what the Bible is all about.

But now I have another problem and only God has the answer,
It was just this Friday that I was diagnosed with lung cancer.

I know I am in for one of the hardest battles I have ever known.
But with God, my Church, family, and friends I will never be alone.

Because I have God and so many loved ones praying for me.
And I say, Lord, I am not afraid and Iím ready for whatever will be.

PS. Dear God, I believe the rest of my story is up to you,
And Lord, it would be ok with me if I made another track or two.

© August 2022 Walt Perryman

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