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About New Year's Eve

By Walt Perryman

This morning this is what I am thinking,
About New Yearís Eve if youíre drinking.

Iím going to celebrate this Happy New Years,
And chances are that I will drink a few beers.

But I wonít go anywhere and drink and drive,
Because, next year I would like to still be alive!

Therefore, I do not want to press my luck,
And drink too much and wreck my truck!

I do not want the cops to give me a test to fail
. And I donít want to wake up laying in jail!

A designated driver or taxi is the safe way to go,
Of course, this is something you already know.

I wish a Happy New Year to every one of you,
But if you drink, I hope you think this way too.

©December 31, 2020 Walt Perryman

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