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Re-run Aprons

By Walt Perryman

If I asked you what an apron is, what would be your guess?
It was a garment Grandmas wore to protect their dress.

It was used for drying children’s tears,
Then used to clean out their dirty ears.

It was used to carry eggs from the chicken coup,
And there might have been a little chicken poop.

Vegetables from the garden her apron could carry a lot.
And even clean them up so she could put them in a pot.

If unexpected company came this is what an apron was for.
Grandma could dust the house before they got to the door.

There may have been a few germs that may very well be,
If anyone got sick from grandma’s apron no one told me.

Some people think aprons were dirty that may be true.
But, what other garment can do, what an apron can do?

©2020 Walt Perryman

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