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How Many of You Loved Your Old Truck?

By Walt Perryman

Can anyone relate to my morning thought?
Maybe it depends on the truck you bought!

Somehow, I canít believe how life can suck,
How many of you men loved your old truck?

Then you go and trade it in for a new one,
And youíre devastated when the deal is done.

Youíre so sad about your old truck and you,
And about all that youíll have been through!

You look back at your old truck as you leave,
The love you had for a truck is hard to believe.

As you drive your new truck off the new car lot,
You discover itís a computer that youíve bought!

Three days later and youíre driving around town,
Youíll finally read, how to roll the windows down.

I donít know how we can love a Ďoldí truck this way,
Maybe it has something to do with Valentineís Day!

©2/14/2024 Walt Perryman

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