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My Hospital Stay

By Walt Perryman

I just spent six days lying in a hospital bed,
With old memories running through my head.

On the 4th day, I realized I was living in the past,
And how my 78 years had passed so very fast.

Iíve been wasting my today's by living in yesterday,
On day 5, something happened in a God-loving way.

I woke from a deep sleep then when I could understand.
That I felt the warmth of my wife holding my hand.

Had I been in yesterday, I would have missed that day.
So, folks live in the present, is what I am trying to say.

I thank God for all the prayers from each one of you.
Got to go now, I have a lot more thanking God to do.

©October 23, 2022 Walt Perryman
©October 2022 Photo by Laura Perryman

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