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A Good Time to Pray

By Walt Perryman

Before we go to sleep and when we wake up each day.
If we listen with our hearts we hear what God has to say.

Tonight when you are trying to go to sleep,
Try listening to God instead of counting sheep.

When you wake up and before your brain is in gear.
Before you start talking, listen and you can hear.

Be thankful for what we have that money cannot buy.
Like love, happiness and our ability to laugh or cry.

What better way to live could we ever hope to find?
Than to wake up and go to sleep with God on our mind?

O.K. none of us are perfect this may be true,
But, we can always do better if we want to

We can be more faithful when we pray,
We can thank God more than once a day.

We can help someone that is in need,
An extra verse in the Bible we can read.

Always tell the truth instead of a lie,
Then we can look anyone in the eye.

Today, let us try to give a little bit more,
It will make our life better than before.

2022 Walt Perryman

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