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Tom Murray

By Walt Perryman

Tom was my good friend; this is very true.
And he was a good God-fearing man too.

He loved his family, friends, and his dog,
And riding his three-wheeler, a Boss Hog.

But the love of his life was easy to tell,
That would be his loving wife, Michele.

He had a bad arm from a bad wreck or two,
But he still did whatever he needed to do.

It was easy to tell when he was having pain,
But he was not the type of man to ever complain.

He passed away yesterday at seven-seventeen.
And was on his Boss Hog the last time he was seen.

Tonight, if you look up to the sky and can see real far,
You’ll see Tom riding his Boss Hog now a shooting star.

©September 21, 2021 Walt Perryman

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