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On My Mind

By Walt Perryman

This morning what is on my little mind?
There is not much as you will soon find.

How does E-mail's travel so fast?
Is the Post Office a thing of the past?

How computers work, I do not know,
Heck, I donít even understand a radio.

Iím not smart enough to figure it out and never was,
Iím not sure how a prayer works, but I know it does.

Godís blessing is something that we all can receive,
We donít have to figure it out, just have to believe.

I reckon this morningís thought may sound a little odd,
There is a lot I do not know, but I know there is a God.

Have a great day
And donít forget to pray!

© Nov 10, 2021 Walt Perryman

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