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Think You're Doing Good?

By Walt Perryman

Do you think you are doing good but you are not?
If you do youíre not alone, because I do that a lot.

Jesus is the only one that has ever lived sin-free,
And he is the perfect example of who I canít be

Sometimes, I feel like I am doing pretty dang good,
Because I am trying to do the things, I know I should.

But then there are always the times that I backslide,
And I do things I should not in the name of self-pride.

Anytime I feel like I have made it to where I should be,
Thatís when I need to try harder because Iíve lied to me.

I ask God to help me put one foot in front of the other,
And I start feeling good until I do the same thing over.

I will never be perfect because I am just a mortal man,
Therefore, with God's help, all I can do is the best I can.

So, when you think youíre doing good, but youíre not,
That is when you need to try harder and pray a lot.

©Aug. 2021 Walt Perryman

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