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Invitation Thing

By Walt Perryman

Before I joined this Church, I had been coming here for about a year.
When D.G. would do that “invitational thing”, that was my biggest fear.

I always felt like he was looking right straight at me.
A time or two there, I started to flee.

When that invitation song got to the second verse or the third.
My eyes were on that songbook and I would be singing like a bird..

Sometimes I would turn my head and look off to the side.
Before I would know it, he would be over there, too. I couldn't hide.

If you have a Baptist Preacher that’s a hard-headed cowboy, too,
He is kind of like a cutting horse when he comes after you.

One Sunday something happened. Maybe D.G. gave me a nod.
But I knew in my heart, it was time for me to go up and find God.

That is enough about me and my glory.
Now, it is time for the “Rest of the Story.”

I heard D.G. got hurt bumping heads with a big old cow.
He had a big gash up around his old eyebrow.

But as the story began to unfold,
I heard the cow was knocked out cold.

When you mess with a hard-headed cowboy preacher, there’s a repercussion.
Look at me, I got religion! Look at that cow, she got a concussion.

So never underestimate what a hard-headed cowboy preacher can do.
Do not be surprised if someday at Church that old cow shows up, too.

I would like to say that I no longer have that invitational fear.
And I want to thank old D.G. for helping me to find my way here.

©Circa 2003 Walt Perryman

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