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Monday Morning Thought for You

By Walt Perryman

A Monday morning thought for you
About whether your heart is true.

I have spent eighty years, seven days on this earth,
And Iíve seen a lot of good and bad since my birth!

But I have never seen our Country doing this bad,
And whatís happening to God really makes me sad.

Some will think Iím wrong about where we are today,
And I can know youíre wrong for not seeing it my way.

I donít care if youíre on the left, middle, or the right,
If you canít see whatís going on, you have bad sight.

We had better get together with God and not wait,
Because, if not yesterday then today could be too late!

If you believe in God with a true heart, just remember,
To take God home until He becomes a family member!

Next is something God and your family can do,
Go and spread the word to other people too.

We may not save the world, but we can try,
To spread Godís word until the day we die!

©Mar 4, 2024 Walt Perryman

80 Years Young

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