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Happiness More or Less

By Walt Perryman

(A thought about happiness more or less:)

I went from a fancy house with a big lawn in town,
To my little rock cabin with nothing on the ground.

Now, if a sprig of grass comes up, it is soon dead,
Because I kill that little sucker before it can spread.

It is not that I donít like pretty stuff because I do,
I donít want anything I have to cut and water too.

I discovered that sometimes less can be more,
Once I figured out what my less is really for.

My little cabin is not very big or much to see,
But it means more than that big house to me.

I sometimes think about all the stuff I had back then,
Iíd rather go where Iím going not to where Iíve been.

Happiness cannot be bought with less or more,
It is found free in the heart not bought at a store.

© May 6, 2021 Walt Perryman

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