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The Kitchen Tool

By Bud Lemire

He said it's a war out there, as he handed me a kitchen tool
What was I to do with it, I certainly wasn't a fool
In the kitchen it would be useful, this I know
How can I use it, wherever I should go

Then it dawned on me, the kitchen tool meant much more
A symbol of hope, as I walked through every door
Survival is when we use every tool that we can
To make it through the years, within our lifespan

Tools can be wisdom, knowing what is right
To help us in the darkness, it can be a flashlight
The knowledge in knowing, exactly the right words to say
And using these words, to make it through each day

In knowing, the right things that I can do
Making each day, a much better you
The tools that surround you, might not be seen
Yet you have the vision, to see what's in between

When he handed me the kitchen tool, it was a lesson
To take every moment, and cherish it as a blessing
The war that we fight, is surviving each day
Using every tool that we can, in every way

©August 30, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

A dream I had recently, influenced me to write this poem.
A man, who was my boss in the dream, handed me a kitchen
tool. I walked with it in the dark. As I looked it over, I
realized what it meant. It was a symbol, that with each moment
of our life, we learn to use the tools that we were given at birth.
All that we have learned through the years, are tools to help us
make it through our lives. That kitchen tool wasn't meant just
for the kitchen, but to help me through my life, and it has.


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