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The Year Of The Passing

By Bud Lemire

It's the year of the passing, people are passing away
But I ask “Why did it have to be today?”
Couldn't they have stayed a little longer
Tears fall, why can't I be stronger

Did someone forget to close the Gate
And this turned out to be their fate
I'm not sure why they had to go
Missing them is what I do know

I guess their journey brought them there
Exit to Heaven, spirits take flight in thin air
Angels dance in celebration, they have returned
Home again, I wonder what they had learned

“People didn't treat me like I was in a wheelchair”
“In fact, everyone liked me, and seemed unaware”
He took off his hat, and started to dance around
“I'm so grateful to be able to feel my feet on the ground”

“For me, I shared my imagination in the greatest love story ever told”
“In books, the words touched both the young and the old”
He put down his sword, and with a white Wizards robe, he smiled
“The adventure into Fantasy, can be found in every child”

“I touched many, by giving them confidence to always try”
“Keep reaching for your goal, and you shall surely fly”
“I was a coach in Texas, but I am happy to be here”
The Angels smiled, and gave him a heartwarming cheer

“I was a model, it wasn't the easiest thing to do”
“Music, especially the Beatles, helped me to get through”
“I had great friends and family, but my heart grew weak”
The Angels sang for this special soul, who was so very unique
In the year of the passing, many wonderful people left Earth
To share in their knowledge, and take part in their rebirth

©September 20, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

For my family and friends who have brought their souls
to the Heavenly place. May your journey continue and be a
good one. Sending love to you from Earth.


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