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This World Today

By Bud Lemire

Just when you think it's safe, the numbers start rising
Seeing people without masks, it's not too surprising
Many are keeping their distance, at least they try
In hopes that this virus, will pass them by

Yet, sometimes the virus will get to those who try their best
There are even times, when the virus fools the test
I guess the best way, is to catch it at the very start
If you don't feel normal, to the Hospital you must dart

As this world keeps on turning
There's so much we're still learning
For many, there's still hope
For many, they're too weak to cope

In this world today, we've discovered each day to be a blessing
Alive and breathing, life surely is the greatest lesson
What will you do with the time, while you live
For me, it's always rewarding to share, so I give

I share with others, what I do best
I'm always thankful, to have been blessed
I've been taking life, day by day
To me, that is truly, the human way

©September 27, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

This world today is so much different than the world last year.
Ever since the Covid spread to our part of the world, we
have to take so many safety measures. Some of you may
not believe it to be a big threat. Not until you, or someone
close to you gets it, and sometimes dies. Wear the mask,
wear the gloves, take your temperature daily, and be sure
to know your body and how it feels. If it feels off the normal
get checked out before it's too late. Be safe, instead of sorry..


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