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Chaos 2020

By Bud Lemire

A Mother cried
Her son had died
A virus spread
It claimed the dead

A man screamed “Wear The mask!”
Was it really, too much to ask
“Oh it's just a political scam”
Did anyone really give a damn

“They can't make us do, what we don't want to do!”
As more people passed away, and it wasn't the Flu
He pulled down his mask to say
“That's not how you do it Mr. Wrongway”

As the rise in the virus rose
Masks covered the mouth and nose
Yet still, there were those with a bare face
Whose fingers were touching, all over the place

“Don't breathe on me, without a mask on, please!”
“You're standing too close, six feet away with your knees”
Keeping your distance, and the mask on your face
Protects you, and the whole human race

Follow the health rules, and you'll be okay
You'll be at risk, if you're Mr. Wrongway
The chaos spread, and there was more of the stuff
All over the world, people cried “Enough Is Enough

©October 26, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Individuals have their own thoughts on what is really
happening in this world during the Covid pandemic.
I want to believe it was a political hoax, yet I know
it isn't. I am wise enough to wear the mask. When I
see people not wearing it, I think, where are their minds?
Would the Governor request things, if it wasn't for our own
good? I think not, she seems like a smart lady. Wise up people!.


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