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Your Friend

By Bud Lemire

Whether I am a Republican or Democrat, try to comprehend
Politics shouldn't play any role, I should always be your friend
Not everyone, will think the same as you
You may think you're right, but you are just untrue

“If you don't believe as I do, please leave my page”
Those words shouldn't come, you need to act your age
A wise person knows wisdom, but also knows his heart
And won't let stupidity, tear a friendship apart

Words that are released, can never be taken back
So use extreme caution, with the way you act
Everyone has a choice, on everything they choose
Rudeness is a category, that only brings bad news

I have many friends, not every one thinks exactly as I do
Freedom of choosing what they want, makes friendship stick like glue
Being different, is what makes each of us unique
From the clothes we wear, to the way we speak

I can be true, and still be a friend
Accept my choices, so our friendship won't end
Let our friendship, stand straight and never bend
Life is too short, so let me always be Your Friend

©October 6, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

With the politics and people getting too far out
of hand, and with hearing about someone who
actually told someone else to stay away from them
if they voted for someone other than who they
voted for. It doesn't get any more stupid than that.
When you've had a friend for years, and find out
they voted for the opposite party than you did.
It's their choice, and they should remain a friend.
Freedom of choice. Nothing like that should
ever come between good friends.


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