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I'm Everywhere

By Bud Lemire

You can not see me, but I'm everywhere
I'm on items that were touched, as well as in the air
Someone may have touched something, and you didn't know
Then before you know it, Covid symptoms start to show

I laugh at those who refuse to wear a mask
I always wore a mask, it was my greatest task
I washed my hands all the time, what else can I say
Somehow it caught me, and had to make my day

Yes, you got it, I just want to be a part of everything
So I jump right in for experience, it can really sting
I hoped it was the Flu
It turned out to be untrue

I called up Zak, he's got it too
Zak said, he might have caught it from Sue
I called up my good friend Morey
He's got it now, he said damn that Corey

Oh heck, I'll just sit here with some Peppermint Tea
Surviving comes natural to someone like me
What's that on my books, and in the air?
“I'm COVID, and you'll find me EVERYWHERE”

©November 18, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

In a time when the rise in Covid is getting higher,
it is harder to avoid getting it. Don't let your
stubbornness be your downfall.
Be smarter than that.


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