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You Say

By Mary E. Adair

You say that it is Christmas Eve?
I say thatís quite hard to believe.
Was only yesterday it seems
That Halloween was causing screams.
And now tomorrow is Christmas Day
And I just put up the tree yesterday
I donít have Covid; am I getting too old?
Is my grasp on time too hard to hold?
Nay, it must be that being isolated
Just means events need not be slated
For no visits are planned
No miles must be spanned
And orders are ambling on their way
And wonít be delivered by Christmas Day
Why must I celebrate any date
Alone I view TV from early to late
No one to share a laugh or tear,
Oh please, God, give us a happy new year.

Now you say it's New Year's Eve.
Who am I who can't believe
I recall last year's glad greetings
Bells and fireworks and cosy meetings
Child-like I viewed it as a gift
Yet so many received short shrift
Searching my thoughts, there's still hope
Whatever's ahead, we'll surely cope
Lift heavy heads. wipe away tears
Can't allow ourselves to harbor fears
We cannot know with certainty
Any new year's filled with destiny
Remember to pray, hold on tight,
And we'll somehow make it thru the night
New lives begin with every day
Which will be famous in their way
I shall be steadfast, watch time fly,
And remember those in the sweet by and by.

©12/31/2020 Mary E Adair

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