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Snow Was Falling

By Bud Lemire

Snow was falling, in the city
Many thought, it looked pretty
One young woman thought a Snow Angel would be nice
Others knew that following, would be ice

Watch the elderly, so they won't slip
They could easily, break their hip
Ice Skaters love it, and love to skate
Shanty town hoped, they had the right bait

Let's make a snowman, big and tall
And a snow fort, with a big wall
Let's make some tunnels, in the snow
I'm King Of The Hill, and you must go

Memories of going down the hill at the park
Watch that tree, or you'll leave a mark
Those were the days that we recall
As we watch and see all the snow fall

A snowball almost hit me in the face
Good thing I ducked into another place
Oh yes, the days of the snowfall are so pretty
As they fell quietly and peacefully, upon the City

Dec 30, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I wrote this as the snow fell. Living in a place
where it snows during the Winter months, can
be enjoyable, but it also comes with more work.
But when you have grown up in such a place.
You come to accept it and enjoy the beauty and
the fun of having it snow. Of course you also
have so many great memories.


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