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Her Anxiety

By Bud Lemire

She lived with fear once before
Knew enough to kick it out the door
She conquered it, and came real far
Jumped real high, over every bar

When Covid came, she battled fear
It came around, and was quite near
Attacking her with all its might
Yet she had won, despite her fright

After Effects of this virus, ever so mean
Can not be heard, can not be seen
Inside she felt it, taking control
Anxiety's Moment had caused a hole

The common things, she did day to day
Were replaced by fear, and she had to stay
Rapid heartbeat, stomach very upset
She was always home, she couldn't leave yet

It took all she had, as it grew
Out of control, and made her blue
The simple things, she once overcame
She couldn't do, Covid was to blame

Yet still she tried, and would continue to try
Because a life like this, only made her cry
She would conquer this virus and win
Because to her, her life meant everything

©January 23, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

She will keep trying. It won't be easy. So
many don't realize what people who have
had Covid have to deal with after you've
had it. Of course many who haven't had
it, deal with so much as well. This Pandemic
has caused many issues within the mind.
Understanding and listening is the key..


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